Maker’s Mark Natural Water Sanctuary

Maker’s Mark has established a 33-acre Natural Water Sanctuary on its distillery grounds to preserve the land that filters the water, and to protect it as the source of our water now and in the future. Learn More

Suntory Donates $1 Million To American Red Cross For Disaster Relief And Recovery

Suntory pledges support to U.S. communities impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Learn More

Beam Suntory Highlights Progress Against Industry’s Commitments To Address Alcohol Misuse Globally

Partnerships to treat DWI repeat offenders in US and educate consumers in UK and Australia contribute to meaningful progress Learn More

Beam Suntory's Efforts Help Protect Water in St. Croix

Beam Suntory’s efforts to protect water are focused on watershed planning, establishing natural water sanctuaries, and reducing water use in water-stressed areas. St. Croix, a water-stressed area, values fresh water as a critical natural resource. Like most of our Caribbean neighbors, our Cruzan Rum operation in St. Croix collects rainwater in roof catchments and cisterns for use as a source of fresh water. We have also commissioned a new process water treatment and re-use system which will reduce our annual usage of island fresh water reserves up to 75%. Learn More

Kentucky Team Helps Protect Bee Population in the Spirit of Growing for Good

Pollinator insects, such as bees, are a vital part of the natural ecosystem, as they help propagate many plants and even the food we eat. Last year, a large colony of American Honeybees was discovered in the walls of a Jim Beam production building. Our Kentucky team safely removed the bees and relocated them to beehives, creating a bee yard near the Jim Beam distillery. This discovery sparked a new initiative – to transform more than 15 acres of weedy grass fields to a diverse, native wildflower prairie where the bees can form self-sustaining colonies. Learn More

Water and the Environment

Beam Suntory has taken great strides to integrate responsible practices into its philosophy. That's why we seek to conserve, protect and use Earth's resources sensibly.

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It's long been a Beam Suntory practice: share our success with worthwhile causes nearby and worldwide.

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Responsible Consumption

Beam Suntory spirits are to be sipped, savored, shared and raised for a toast. But always responsibly.

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Doing Business The Right Way

We run our business with integrity, honor and dignity. We have the Beam Suntory name to live up to!

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