Water and the Environment

With water and grain at the center of nearly every product we create, we uphold high manufacturing standards and commit to sustainable practices throughout our supply chain. Over the last decade, we’ve invested more than $60 million in technology and systems to reduce environmental impacts.

Maker's Mark Natural Water Sanctuary

Maker’s Mark® is establishing a 33-acre natural water sanctuary on its distillery grounds, conditioning the soil, planting trees and wildflowers, and creating nesting boxes for native birds.

Jim Beam Forest Stewardship Education Program

The Jim Beam® Forest Stewardship Education Program is a partnership with Independent Stave, our barrel supplier, state universities and forestry departments to sponsor stewardship education for loggers and land owners. This program will grow annually to promote responsible forestry practices and ensure sustainable white oak supplies.

Sauza Water Conservation

Sauza has developed a process to purify and reclaim wastewater to irrigate the town of Tequila, Mexico, refilling fire trucks, and reducing annual groundwater consumption by up to 70% in this water-stressed area.

Ardmore Protects Native Species

Beam Suntory’s operations take their role in protecting local native species and habitats very seriously. The Ardmore distillery is a longtime supporter of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds “Species Champion” Award.