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The following are the organizations that Beam Suntory supports globally.

We fund and support the following organizations around the world:

Australia DrinkWise

Beam Suntory Australia is a founding member of DrinkWise. The organization’s primary aim is to promote a more responsible drinking culture in Australia. DrinkWise projects include:

• Research into the cultural drivers of risk taking behavior & their effects on degrees of risky drinking among young Australian drinkers.

• Initiative to enhance the role that community sporting clubs play in their communities to reduce high risk alcohol consumption.

• A partnership program with state government for a responsible drinking education campaign to create community awareness of the need to promote responsible consumption. For more information see www.drinkwise.com.au

The Distilled Spirits Industry Council of Australia (DSICA)

Jim Beam Brands Australia is a member of the Distilled Spirits Industry Council of Australia (DSICA) and the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code. Through membership of the Distilled Spirits Industry Council of Australia, Beam Suntory participates with the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code – the self-regulatory code of the Australian alcohol beverage industry. The code is operated by a Management Committee, which includes government representatives.


Global Organizations ICAP - The International Center for Alcohol Policies

A Washington-based think tank, the International Center for Alcohol Policies is funded by leading alcohol producers to promote understanding of the role of alcohol in society, and to reduce alcohol abuse worldwide. The group also encourages dialogue and pursues partnerships involving the alcohol industry, the public health community and others interested in alcohol policy. It also helps developing countries establish meaningful regulatory policies.


AIM - Alcohol In Moderation

An independent information and research organization, AIM disseminates responsible consumption messages and other information from its web-based sources such as:

• Websites featuring responsibility messaging and tips for seven countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Sweden, France, Germany and Spain.

• Newsletters featuring medical, social and policy news.

• Alcohol-related research reports. www.aim-digest.com

Mexico The Foundation for Social Research (FISAC)

Beam Suntory is a leading member of Mexico’s Foundation for Social Research. The organization’s work focuses on providing prevention and moderation guidance on social issues such as youth consumption and drunk driving through research, training seminars, advertising, and other promotional actions.



European Forum on responsible Drinking (EFRD)

Beam Suntory is a member of the European Forum on Responsible Drinking, the leading pan-European organization supporting targeted initiatives to promote responsible consumption. Made up of leading spirits companies with operations in Europe, EFRD initiatives focus on attitudinal and awareness programs; responsible marketing; self-regulation; promotion of a better understanding of the evidence base.

EFRD acts as a pan-European social aspects organization:

• Developing policy initiatives.

• Protecting & supporting the principle of self-regulation.

• Promoting the development of an evidence-based approach.

• Supporting CEPS (the Brussels spirits trade organization) and member-state in-market SAO’s on information sharing, policy response and best-practice initiatives.

• Seed-funding SAO social initiatives in EU markets.

To date, primary elements of the organization's work have addressed:

• Minimization of harm associated with alcohol abuse

• Issues relating to underage consumers

• Promoting responsible marketing of alcoholic beverages

• Issues relating to drunk driving

United States

FAAR - Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility

Beam Suntory is an active member of FAAR, a not-for-profit organization with the two primary objectives of fighting under-age drinking and drunk driving. With a focus on education and raising awareness, we have supported FAAR and its various programs for several years. These programs include:

• Drunk-Driving

• Promotion of legislative measures on Blood Alcohol (BAC) levels & license revocation measures for convicted offenders

• Drink-driving school education activities such as Brandon Tells His Story

• Messaging and judicial training re-enforcement for “hardcore” drunk drivers.

• Turnkey manuals for designated driver programs

• Underage Drinking

• Retailer promotion to deter underage purchase of alcohol

• Research into sources of underage access to alcohol

• Parental tips for talking to their kids about alcohol on constructive ways, such as Prom Tips for Parents

• Responsible Drinking & Alcohol Education

• College education programs on responsible decisions on alcohol

• Funding of development of a manual of 100 of the most promising anti-alcohol abuse programs for college campus education

• Community programs to guide & assist adults to have conversations with those below the legal drinking age on the topic of alcohol

For more information about FAAR, click here.

The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS)

Beam Suntory is a member of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) and embraces is voluntary Code of Responsible Practices for Beverage Alcohol Advertising & Marketing. The DISCUS Code Review Board reviews and publicly reports on advertising complaints directed at member and non-member spirits companies. For more information about DISCUS, click on the link DISCUS.org.


In addition to the proprietary Beam Suntory Code of responsible marketing practices, we are proud to be members of and signatories to various industry organizations that have developed alcohol and marketing codes around the world. The codes provide minimum standards for marketing practices that we voluntarily embrace. They include:


Fundacion Alcohol y Sociedad (FAS)

Beam Suntory is a member of this alliance of leading spirits producers. The group is committed to promoting alcohol education and responsible consumption while eliminating drunk-driving by Spanish consumers.


Federacion Espanola de bebidas Espirituosas

Federacion Espanola de bebidas Espirituosas {FEBE}, is a 130-member Spanish Trade organization representing 97% of the Spanish spirits industry. FEBE promotes active social responsibility in aspects relating to alcohol consumption, through:

• Activities against abusive or inappropriate consumption

• The promotion of education for responsible and moderate consumption

• The promotion of effective self-regulation in advertising

FEBE coordinates action with sector and regional organizations and is the founder of the “Fundación Alcohol y Sociedad”, the main executive body for our social responsibility actions in Spain.



Drinkaware Trust

In the UK, Beam Suntory places emphasis on the development of Unit Education initiatives that include unit messaging on point-of-sale, employee education on unit awareness and unit education materials included in all server-training programs.

• Beam Suntory contributes to funding for the Drinkaware Trust (www.Drinkaware.co.uk), an independent UK-wide charity established by a partnership made up of multi stakeholders including industry, health professionals, and non-government organizations. The objective of Drinkaware Trust is to positively change public behavior and the national drinking culture to reduce alcohol misuse.


Bundesverband Der Deutschen Spirituosen-Industrie Und Importeure (BSI) BSI promotes responsibility by campaigning for parental role modeling in alcohol consumption, combating underage purchasing, and providing education on alcohol in the workplace and drunk driving.


The Portman Group

Code of Practice on the naming, packaging and promotion of alcoholic drinks.


The Scotch Whisky Association As owners of Teacher’s blended Scotch whisky, Laphroaig Single Malt Islay, and Ardmore Single Malt Scotch whisky, Beam Suntory is a member of the Scotch Whisky Association which encompasses:

• Adoption of the Code of Practice for the Responsible Marketing & Promotion of Scotch whisky.

• Adherence to the Social Responsibility Standards for the Production and Sale of Alcoholic Drinks in Scotland – an agreement between the industry & the Scottish Government

• Participation as a stakeholder in the Partnership Agreement between the Scottish Executive (Scottish Government) and the alcohol industry. The Agreement covers 14 initiatives to promote responsible consumption & minimize harm. www.scotch-whisky.org.uk

European Union

As a member of the Brussels-based EU-trade association the Confederation of European Spirits Producers, we support the groundbreaking Charter on Responsible Alcohol Consumption. A total of seven commitments include:

• Responsible drinking messages on advertising

• Adherence to TAG/EFRD Common Standards on Commercial Communications

• Responsible product development

• Support for an enforced EU-wide minimum purchase age for alcoholic drinks

• Support for communication about the dangers of drink driving

• Consensus on sensible and dangerous drinking levels and how to effectively communicate the information

• Annual independent review and measurement of progress of the charter www.europeanspirits.org

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