Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility Endows Harvard Chair

Beam Suntory, through its membership in the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (, is proud to announce the endowment of the Morris E. Chafetz Professorship in Psychiatry in the Field of Behavioral Sciences at Harvard Medical School.

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Bourbon, athletic rivals team to support alcohol education

Gifts from two major Kentucky distilleries will fund and strengthen alcohol education and responsible drinking awareness programs at the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky. The gifts will also help expand alcohol programming across the commonwealth.

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Drink Smart

Behind making the best spirits in the world, ensuring responsible consumption is our highest priority. This video from Fred Noe, 7th generation master distiller, sums our philosophy nicely: If you're going to enjoy our products, do so responsibly.

Learn more about the high standards we set for ourselves and the industry codes and principles we closely follow in the sections below.

Drink Smart®

It’s our belief that when you choose to drink alcohol, you should always drink responsibly and in moderation. Drink Smart® is our platform for helping those of legal drinking age make smart choices around responsible consumption.

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Marketing Code of Practice

While responsibility programs and marketing practices differ from country to country, all of our brands and regions are united under the Beam Suntory Marketing Code of Practice.

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Statement of Principles

Although alcohol is enjoyed responsibly and in moderation by the vast majority of those legal age adults who choose to drink, some individuals misuse alcohol or consume alcohol under the legal purchase age, which can result in serious consequences.

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Supported Organizations

The following are the organizations that Beam Suntory supports globally.

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