Premium Tequila with Nearly 70-Year History of Challenging the Status Quo Debuts “A Shot Worth Taking” Marketing Campaign That Inspires Fans to Take Shots of Their Own

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Chicago, IL (September 14, 2017) – Hornitos® Tequila has released a new marketing campaign called “A Shot Worth Taking” that highlights the extraordinary things that can happen when people are willing to “take a shot.” The new marketing effort launches on Mexican Independence Day, the anniversary of the brand’s launch back in 1950, and celebrates Hornitos’ history as a shot-taking, boundary-pushing brand by inspiring this same mentality in fans.  

Hornitos Tequila has continued to challenge the status quo throughout its history and set new standards in how it produces a quality tequila that is itself a shot worth taking. Its revolutionary approach is showcased through recent innovations Hornitos® Black Barrel®, a tequila aged in whiskey barrels, and the forthcoming Hornitos® Cristalino, an aged tequila that’s filtered for clarity. To demonstrate the brand’s tradition of breaking tradition, its new “A Shot Worth Taking” campaign provides inspiration and creates opportunities that propel fans to “take shots” of their own no matter how big or small.

“Hornitos was founded on the principle that nothing great ever happens without taking a risk, and we wanted to develop a campaign that’s rooted in this mindset,” said Malini Patel, vice president of tequilas and innovation at Beam Suntory. “‘A Shot Worth Taking’ encourages people to take shots of their own to achieve something truly meaningful. As advocates for shot takers everywhere we aim to reward those who embody the same spirit that Hornitos was founded upon.”

The new campaign, soft-launched in April via social media, print and out-of-home executions, is now brought to life in mass media touchpoints including online video advertising (television advertising is slated to launch in 2018). The digital video content, premiering this week leading up to Mexican Independence Day, features several real-life shot takers identified and selected through their own crowdfunding pages. Hornitos is providing each individual financial support, and the digital media spotlight, as they take their shots. The group includes aspiring Mexican-American hip-hop artist Zairah; aspiring drag show producer Marc Singer; aspiring Hollywood stuntman Kyle Williams; and aspiring denim fashion designers Phillip Landrum and Phil Lee.

The digital advertisements, which were directed by Sara Alize Cross, a former fashion industry professional who took her own “shot” and switched careers to filmmaking, and produced by The Community. The content will run in formats of 6, 15, 30 and 60 seconds, viewable at

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About Hornitos® Tequila
Hornitos® Tequila has a history of breaking tradition dating back to 1950 when founder Don Francisco launched the brand in honor of Mexican Independence Day. The Hornitos® family of tequilas keeps Don Francisco’s legacy alive, using the same high standards to cultivate the best and most flavorful agaves, molding them into premium tequilas that everyone can enjoy. He brought the celebrated spirit to new heights with the agave-robust Reposado, broke the rules to create a crystalline Plata and went above and beyond tequila standards to make an ultra-smooth and aromatic Añejo. Nearly 70 years later, Hornitos® continues to push the boundaries of tequila making with innovations such as the whiskey barrel aged Hornitos® Black Barrel® Tequila and now, Hornitos® Cristalino.

About Beam Suntory Inc.
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