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Diversity & Inclusion

We believe our people grow together in diverse and inclusive environments where their unique insights, experiences and backgrounds are valued and respected. That means having both a seat and a voice at the table. By fostering a culture of inclusivity and leveraging the power of diversity of thought, experience and culture in our employees, we can unlock insights and capabilities that drive individual and business growth.

Fostering a culture of Inclusivity

"Our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion are central to our company and doing business the right way. We must look and act more like our consumers, derive strength from diversity, and enrich our workplace through inclusion. D&I will be central to my legacy, and essential to becoming the world’s most admired, fastest-growing premium spirits company." – Albert Baladi, President & CEO

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2030 Global D&I Ambitions

DI Ambitions

Embracing our differences, while leveraging our unique East-meets-West competitive advantage, is essential to fostering innovation and collaboration, empowering our people to succeed, driving business growth, and creating greater value for customers, consumers and society. To make this a reality, we’ve set three 2030 ambitions to focus our actions.


Women in Leadership


Racial and ethnic representation in the US


Employees evaluated equally on what they achieve and how they achieve their goals against our company values

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