Brand Facts

Produced according to the London Dry gin recipe using natural ingredients such as juniper berries, coriander and orange peel

Undergoes double distillation in traditional alembics

Characterized by clarity, freshness of aroma and delicate citrus flavor

Clean on the palate with a lingering finish

More dry and smooth than traditional London Dry gins

Larios® Dry Gin

Larios® Dry Gin attained its current renown during the 1980s—when warm-weather, fizzy concoctions known “Long Drinks” became popular. However, Larios’ world-famous reputation actually dates back to 1866, when Charles Lamothe, the French wine entrepreneur, and his Spanish associate, Fernando Jiménez, founded the Jiménez Lamothe company. Their distilleries in Malaga and Manzanares pioneered the spirits field in Spain.

In 1916, the third marquis, José Aurelio Larios, who provided the financial backing to Jiménez and Lamothe, purchased the company and changed the name to Larios & Cía. In 1932, Larios Dry Gin received the name by which it is well-known today.

Awards & Accolades

  • Best-selling gin in Spain
  • #100 on the world’s top-100 spirits list