Brand Facts

  • Heritage: Delivering recognized quality since 1888
  • Competitive Position: The #2 selling American Blended
  • Whiskey; #1 in many markets
  • Superior Quality: Superior taste and quality to brands in competitive set.
  • Julius Kessler is fondly referred to as “Uncle Julius.”
  • 80 Proof
  • A taste as Smooth as Silk - Ideal sipped straight or mixed in classic cocktails.
  • Julius Kessler, a charismatic sales man, is said to have gone saloon to saloon selling more whiskey than any man alive during the early late 1800s and early 1900s.

Kessler® American Blended Whiskey

When Julius Kessler first distilled his whiskey in the 1800’s, he described its golden taste as “smooth as silk.” Kessler has carried this trademarked slogan on its label since Prohibition, which truly describes the smooth, silky texture of this fine whiskey. Mr. Kessler’s picture and signature appears on every bottle to assure customers that the brand is still distilled according to the exacting standards established by its founder.