A Note from Our CEO

"We're driving momentum for our business with a strategy focused on three simple platforms: Creating Famous Brands...Building Winning Markets...and Fueling Our Growth. We see a bright and prosperous future as a global leader in the dynamic spirits industry."

-- Matt Shattock, Chairman and CEO

Vision and Strategy

Our Vision: Crafting Spirits that Stir the World

Our Strategy: We seek to outperform our market with a strategy focused on our three simple strategic platforms of Creating Famous Brands, Building Winning Markets and Fueling Our Growth.


Our vision and strategy is underpinned by our Winning Competitive Edge – our people who operate day in and day out in a culture that embraces entrepreneurial thinking … encourages creative, innovative solutions … and emphasizes a collaborative mindset.

Leadership Team

  • Matt Shattock

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

  • Albert Baladi

    Chief Operating Officer and President, Americas

  • Pryce Greenow

    President, International

  • Sho Semba

    SVP, Japan

  • Rebecca Messina

    Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

  • Paula Erickson

    SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Clarkson Hine

    SVP, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs

  • David Hunter

    SVP, Chief Supply Chain Officer

  • Hiroshi Miyamori

    SVP, Advisor to the CEO

  • John Owen

    SVP, Chief Financial Officer

  • Kent Rose

    SVP, General Counsel, Chief Administrative Officer and Secretary

Kent Rose

SVP, General Counsel, Chief Administrative Officer and Secretary

What is your leadership philosophy?

Kent: Openly share information and trust employees’ judgment to use it properly.

What was your first job?

Kent: Making the chicken at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) for $1.23/hour before taxes!

What do you like to do with your free time outside of work? Hobbies etc.

Kent: Playing sports with kids and relaxing in Wisconsin on weekends.

What’s your Beam drink of choice?

Kent: Kentucky Tea—Jim Beam Black and water, or Maker’s Mark and water.

If you could have drinks with any person (living or dead) who would you choose?

Kent: William Blake. He had an inspiring view of spirituality.

How do you Unleash your Spirit?

Name: I get to work with teams on some of the biggest opportunities, and also some of the most challenging questions, in our global business.
I joined this company many years ago, with the belief that our brands had real potential—if we could figure out how to unlock that potential.
I’ve been part of growing this company from basically one brand in one country to the global powerhouse it is today. For me, the best part is seeing our employees working together, solving problems and moving us forward, The Right Way.
When we are our best selves, Beam Suntory can accomplish anything!

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