Water and the Environment

Building a sustainable business and protecting the environment is the way we operate every day. We work hard to continually reduce the impact of our global operations on the environment, while bringing value to our business.

Our Commitment

For hundreds of years, and generations yet to come, ingredients drawn directly from the Earth's resources have been at the core of every Beam Suntory brand. Our tie to the environment is natural and everlasting, and so too is our commitment to sustaining it.

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Water is the common denominator and source of life for all Beam Suntory products—so we take preserving it to heart. Locations around the world invest time and resources to reduce their rate of usage and to conduct long-term freshwater planning.

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At the center of all production processes is energy. Our efforts are focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our combustion processes and reducing our per-unit energy consumption at all of our facilities. We deliver on this commitment around the world.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

From distilleries to corporate offices, the opportunities to reduce waste and reuse materials are endless—and Beam Suntory finds innovative ways to do so. Value engineering is a significant contributor to reducing material usage and preventing waste, while process improvements throughout the organization drive our recycling efforts.

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