Drink Smart®

It’s our belief that when you choose to drink alcohol, you should always drink responsibly and in moderation. Drink Smart® is our platform for helping those of legal drinking age make smart choices around responsible consumption.

At the heart of Drink Smart® are six simple principles:

•Respect Others: informed adults have the right to choose to drink alcohol—or not to drink at all.

•Obey the Law: purchase and consumption by those below the legally designated age cannot be condoned or tolerated.

•Drink in Moderation: understand how much you are drinking.

•Be a Responsible Host: ensure your guests do not drink to excess.

•Drive Safe: never drive over the legally designated blood-alcohol level.

Here are a few examples of how we bring Drink Smart® to life:

Internal Company Efforts

At Beam Suntory, our commitment to Drink Smart® begins first and foremost with employees. We are the biggest ambassadors of our brands and also the most influential example to our friends, family, neighbors and associates of responsible consumption. Every employee who joins the Beam Suntory family receives our Talking About Alcohol brochureand is encouraged to promote responsible consumption through company supported programs.

Beam Suntory's “Take a Taxi on Us” program empowers employees to offer a safe ride home for anyone we encounter who has had too much to drink and shouldn’t be driving. Employees simply pick up the taxi fare and turn in the receipt for reimbursement—no questions asked.

National Center for DWI Courts

Beam Suntory helped fund and support America’s first-ever National Center for DWI Courts in partnership with the not-for-profit National Association of Drug Court Professionals. The program’s goal is to reduce repeat offenders and hard core drunk drivers (drivers with a high blood alcohol concentration). Accounting for the vast majority of alcohol-related traffic fatalities, these drunk drivers are the most dangerous individuals on America’s roads.

As many of these individuals have substance abuse problems, DWI Courts provide offenders with long-term, on-going rehabilitation by providing solution-oriented assistance. Studies show that after one year, graduates of the DWI program are three times less likely to be repeat offenders than those who do not participate in the program. After two years, graduates of the program are four times less likely to receive a new DWI arrest.

A founding partner of the National Center for DWI Courts, Beam Suntory provides ongoing support to raise awareness for the National Center for DWI Courts as part of our commitment to eliminate repeat, hard core drunk driving.

To link to the National Association of Drug Court Professionals, click here

Exceeding Industry Code Requirements for Advertising Placement in the U.S. In 2007, Beam Suntory publicly committed to the United States Attorneys General that we will exceed industry code requirements for advertising placement standards. We continue to honor that commitment today. Beam Suntory’s voluntary standards in the U.S. restrict our marketing to print, television and radio outlets in which at least 75 percent of the audience is over the legal purchase age of 21 years old. This exceeds the current industry standard of 70 percent. Collectively on an annual basis our advertising in the U.S. will reach an audience that is made up of at least 85 percent legal purchase age consumers.

Global Drink Smart® Efforts

While the spirit of Drink Smart® remains the same throughout the world, each region creates and customizes initiatives that speak to their unique market and the issues they face. We also subscribe to the law of “strength in numbers,” so we actively support other organizations, advocacy groups and industry associations around the world who share our commitment for raising awareness and providing education around responsible consumption and marketing. Visit our supported organizationsto learn more about each of them.

Learn More:

To learn more about drink smart®, visit www.drinksmart.com.

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We take pride in our responsible marketing and corporate citizenship efforts and are committed to the firm policies we have in place around the world. If you see an advertisement featuring one of our brands that violates the spirit of our Global Code of Marketing Practice, or any other national code—we want to hear from you. Please click here to contact us.

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