Brand Facts

VOX is a Premium vodka that is five times distilled

VOX's clear Austrian glass bottle is designed by award-winning artist, Laura Handler

100% Wheat Delivers Ultimate Smoothness

Smaller grain is lighter—mellow, mild grain imparts smoothness. Single grain focus important for product consistency

VOX is distilled five times; the five time distillation process is ideal to provide the cleanest, purest vodka without removing or impacting the structure/body of VOX

The VOX proprietary neutral micron cellulose filters assure that the aroma and taste of VOX remains at its ultimate neutral level for the freshest taste; most ultra-premium vodkas are charcoal filtered which adds a flavor that is not optimal for the both taste and finish

Vox® Vodka

VOX® is crafted  from 100% wheat, the mellowest grain for vodka, and then meticulously distilled five times for exceptional smoothness, a clear, crisp taste and a cool finish. Whether sipped on-the-rocks or in your favorite martini, VOX is, simply put, the smoothest vodka.

The VOX Proprietary distillation method delivers the taste expectations that the vodka connoisseur demands and that only VOX delivers: exceptional smoothness, unsurpassed clarity and cool finish.

Awards & Accolades

Highest rated vodka ever by the Beverage Testing Institute (97 out of 100), with a perfect score for smoothness.