Brand Facts

VOX is a Premium vodka that is five times distilled

VOX's clear Austrian glass bottle is designed by award-winning artist, Laura Handler

100% Wheat Delivers Ultimate Smoothness

Smaller grain is lighter—mellow, mild grain imparts smoothness. Single grain focus important for product consistency

VOX is distilled five times; the five time distillation process is ideal to provide the cleanest, purest vodka without removing or impacting the structure/body of VOX

The VOX proprietary neutral micron cellulose filters assure that the aroma and taste of VOX remains at its ultimate neutral level for the freshest taste; most ultra-premium vodkas are charcoal filtered which adds a flavor that is not optimal for the both taste and finish

Vox® Vodka

VOX® is crafted in the Netherlands from 100% wheat, the mellowest grain for vodka, and then meticulously distilled five times for exceptional smoothness, a clear, crisp taste and a cool finish. Whether sipped on-the-rocks or in your favorite martini, VOX is, simply put, the smoothest vodka.

VOX is distilled in The Netherlands from a distillery with 400-year-old history of distilling the finest vodka, and utilizes the most high-tech method to create the cleanest, freshest best vodka available.

The VOX Proprietary distillation method delivers the taste expectations that the vodka connoisseur demands and that only VOX delivers: exceptional smoothness, unsurpassed clarity and cool finish.

Awards & Accolades

Highest rated vodka ever by the Beverage Testing Institute (97 out of 100), with a perfect score for smoothness.