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Brand Facts

  • Ardmore is the only Highland malt whisky to be fully peated since its inception in 1898.
  • Ardmore Traditional Cask is a double matured single malt whisky. First matured in ex-bourbon barrels, the spirit receives its second maturation in hand-made casks, similar to those used 200 years ago.
  • Ardmore 25 year old is available in Duty Free.

Ardmore® Scotch Whisky

Established by Adam Teacher in 1898, son of the Glasgow whisky entrepreneur William Teacher, the Ardmore distillery was created to provide a core single malt whisky for their growing and now world famous blended whisky, Teacher’s® Highland Cream.

Recognizing the wide acclaim of the Ardmore Distillery’s single malt amongst whisky aficionados and an increase in consumer demand, the distillery released its first ever widely available single malt—Ardmore® Traditional Cask.

Although labor and time intensive, the process of Quarter Cask maturation allows much greater contact between the maturing spirit and the oak of the cask. When combined with the full, but relatively light peating of Ardmore, this creates an extraordinary malt whisky that has a well-rounded flavor, a unique peat-smoke richness softened by a delicate sweetness.

Awards & Accolades

  • 2015 International Spirits Challenge Ardmore Legacy, Bronze
  • 2015 International Spirits Challenge, Ardmore Tradition, Silver
  • 2015 International Spirits Challenge Ardmore Triple Wood, Silver